Win on Live Roulette Rules

Live Roulette is one of the most popular live dealer games in India. As its name implies, the game is only for players to track and play away from the casino. All events are broadcast directly from the casino, allowing each party to access real-time tasks.


History: What are live roulettes?

Live roulette is a new technology that allows players to put their chips through a live stream on the roulette table, ie they do not have a casino. The difference between online casino roulette live roulette is that the latter is to work with software, whereas the latter is based on actual work in casinos.

Traditional roulette has become old. However, Live Roulette is relatively new in the 2005 example. It was a special innovation from David Wainwright, the format developer of interactive TV.

Live Roulette variants: American. France vs Europe Roulette
Most of the online casinos in India are the three main forms of live dealer roulette games that are offered. It is important to understand the difference between the three games.

European Roulette: This version is played on 36 pocket wheels. Single slot of 1 to 36 zero (0). This is the most popular type of live roulette suitable for beginners. The RTP between players is limited to 97.3%, and there are race tracks in the wheel interface that players can easily bet on numbers and their neighbors.

American Roulette: There are 36 pockets with zero (0) and two zeroes (00) and roulettes with different pockets. The average RTP rate is 94.7%, which is not as attractive as European and French Roulette.

French Roulette: This game is the same traditional Roulette board game and the big difference is the high payout. Play this roulette version if you want the best odds. The average housing advantage is 2.8%. There is also a “LaPérzés” rule, which reduces the edge to 1.3%. Basically, the rule is that players get a cash back for half of their straight bets when the ball falls to zero.


In this article, you look at the industry, and in terms of live roulette rules and regulations, you have highlighted all the important things you need to know as a rookie.

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